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The Newberry Library, 60 W. Walton St., has a collection of 28 personal items of Charles Dickens (money purses, cigar case, punch ladle, etc.). These can be viewed at the library after obtaining a Reader’s card.  Then one goes thru the same procedures used for calling up any materials from the collections (i.e. getting a call number, filling out call slips, etc.).  Visit the library’s web site at to learn details of obtaining a Reader’s card.
For group visits, please contact Jill Gage, Reference librarian; email address:

DePaul University has a varied Charles Dickens collection in their Collections Department.  To view any of these items, please contact the Special Collections Department of DePaul University Library, 2350 N. Kenmore Ave., Chicago, IL 60614, telephone: 773-325-2167.  They have an information page at  They are open Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm and will arrange a date and a time for the viewing.  Please bring an audio tape player with personal earphones to hear the taped programs.  Items in the collection  include our fellowship’s Charter, the Bradford collection of books and artifacts, a complete collection of the Dickensian magazine (from its first edition to the present one), a complete set of an American non-copyrighted works of Dickens, a commemorative plate from the Mermaid Hotel in Lebanon, IL, a CD of John Barrymore’s reading of A Christmas Carol, audio tape recordings of programs given by fellowship members, as listed below:

  2013   Mary Ann Tobin leads discussion on chapters 32-48 of Dombey and Son
  2013   Jan Danza leads discussion on chapters 17-31 of Dombey and Son
  2013   Jan Danza lead discussion on chapters 1- 16 of Dombey and Son
  2012   Jan Danza leads discussion on chapters 45- 58 of Great Expectations
  2012   Dianne Brooks leads discussion on chapters 28- 44 of Great Expectations
  2012   John and Jan Danza lead discussion on chapters 1- 27 of Great Expectations
  2011   Lucinda Dickens Hawskley talks on her greatgreatgreatgrandfather
  2011   Jim and Carol Walsh lead discussion on Our Mutual Friend.
  2010   Jan Danza leads discussion on The Christmas Books
  2009   Carol Walsh presents the illustrations in Martin Chuzzlewit
  2008   Jim Walsh leads discussion on The Mystery of Edwin Drood
  2008   Sherlockians struggle with The Mystery of Edwin Drood
  2007   Jan Danza and Jim Patterson lead discussion on Little Dorrit
  2007   John Danza presents an illustrated talk on "The Origins and Publication of The Pickwick Papers
  2006   Jan Danza leads discussion on Barnaby Rudge
  2006   Jim Walsh talks on the Rev. Bertram Dickens
  2005   Dianne Brooks talks on Illustrators of DickensŐs Novels
  2004   Open panel discussion of The Old Curiosity Shop
  2004   Jim Walsh with Wopsle accompaniment talks on London Prisons
  2003   Moline video of Francis J. Dickens grave headstone installation
  2003   Joe Pearlman of Liverpool, England, reads the murder of Nancy from Oliver Twist
  2003   Jim Walsh talks on the History of the Chicago Fellowship
  2001   Dr. Razak Dahmane lectures on Bleak House
  2001   Bernie Rost talks on the History of the Chicago Fellowship
  2000   Fred Levit presents a two-part lecture on Sailor’s Vocabulary in Dickens
  1999   Dr. Dale Trela lectures on Dombey and Son
  1999   Hilda McLean talks on Angela Burdett-Coutts
  1999   Wopsles perform Dombey and Son
  1998   June Atkinson performs as Mrs. Dickens
  1998   Wopsles perform The Pickwick Papers
  1997   Wopsles perform Sketches by Boz
  1995   Michael Weinberg talks on Dickens Poetry
  1995   Fred Levit presents a two-part video on Victorian Carriages
  1994   Jeff Stiker talks on the Odds & Ends of Victorian Life
  1994   Anita Wilhelm lectures on David Copperfield
  1994   Jim Walsh talks on Dickens Genealogy
  1994   Linda Putnam describes her Doughty House Museum Work
  1990   Wopsles perform a Dickens’s Novels Sampler
  1980   Jesse Morton reads Dickens


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